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Cassini: The Grand Finale

Following a final close flyby of Saturn's moon Titan, Cassini performed a series of 22 weekly dives between the planet and its rings — the mission's "Grand Finale."

On its final orbit, Cassini will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere at tens of thousands of miles per hour, sending back new and unique science to the very end. After losing contact with Earth, the spacecraft burns up like a meteor, becoming part of the planet itself. Check out INSIDE MISSION CONTROL


Our Mission at Topa Topa is to challenge both the
hearts and minds of our students by:

  • Improving our community
  • Focusing on the standards with high expectations
  • Celebrating similarities and differences
  • Realizing their full potential to become life-long learners
  • Exploring technology
  • Studying the arts including music, dance and drama